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Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


Online Membership

Don’t have time to engage with a mastermind group, get one-on-one coaching or read a book?
Can’t afford a training or lunch-and-learn session for your organization?
Need immediate tips on how to deal with a critical situation?

Look no further!

The Good Landlord Online Membership program is a members-only resource center providing short presentations in video, audio, infographic and written formats; interviews; and ‘how-to’ assistance including; worksheets, demonstrations, tips and techniques.

Subject areas include:

  1. The Five Common Mistakes Landlords Make and How to Avoid Them

  2. Making Tenant Relationships Work: Four Essentials

  3. Getting What You Need: Negotiating for Results

  4. The Good Landlord Approach to Eviction

  5. Self-Care for Landlords: The Path to Peak Performance and Peace of Mind