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Introducing #GoodLandlordTalk

Introducing #GoodLandlordTalk

The human complexities of being a landlord can be quite a surprise, even for the most seasoned among us.  What starts out as a simple communication about rent or a repair can suddenly become a perplexing problem in human relationships. Before you became a landlord, you may have wondered if you could handle the challenge of endless repairs of plumbing and heating systems. By now, however, you may appreciate, the real mystery is the people! The most important maintenance you’ll ever do is not on the boiler, the gutters or the roof — but on your relationships as a landlord!

Being a landlord requires being able to:

•   locate good properties and be able to buy them:

•   understand financing and be disciplined about managing the books;

•   uphold a long list of legal responsibilities;

•   carry out effective maintenance, repair and capital improvements.

•   Advertise and appeal to tenants.

Above all else, however, being a landlord is about people; interviewing, selecting, managing, responding to, and negotiating with them, including over eviction. Your building doesn’t pay you money. People do! How you deal with not just tenants but plumbers, attorneys, realtors, handymen, buyers and sellers, bankers, neighbors, police officers and many more – will deeply affect your bottom line.

GoodLandlordTalk will focus exclusively on this human dimension of landlording.

By following GoodLandlordTalk, you’ll get:

•   valuable tips for how to build relationships, communicate and resolve problems, including over eviction.

•   insights into mastering the inner game so you can stay at peace when dealing with conflict

•   information that will prepare you to negotiate from a position of strength

•   a valuable perspective on how landlording can be a force for good – for your yourself, your family, your neighborhood, and worldwide.

The ultimate goal of GoodLandlordTalk is to increase your profits, peace of mind, and positive impact as a landlord.

GoodLandlordTalk is organized around five themes:

Mastering the Inner Game

Insights from psychology and neuroscience for staying mentally agile in conflict and negotiation

The Art and Science of Conflict Resolution

Timely research, tips and insights into improving negotiation, conflict resolution and persuasion skills

Communication, Relationship-building, and Enlightened self-interest

Timely research, tips and insights into making communication and relationships work so you can succeed as a landlord.

Building Capacity

Ideas, information and resources to build your property management skills.

The Big Picture

Research, policy and articles demonstrating how landlording can be a force for good for yourself, your family, your neighborhood and worldwide.

Each edition will include a blog, relevant research, links to valuable resources and more.


Peter Gilman Shapiro, a Landlord Coach, Trainer & Author, has for over twenty-five years been empowering landlords to make a profit while making a difference in their communities. Peter’s innovative techniques led to the successful resolution of thousands of disputes over eviction, real estate, business, and family matters throughout Metropolitan Boston since 1990. Peter’s new book: The Good Landlord: A Guide to Making a Profit While Making a Difference, shows landlords how effective communication, relationship building and conflict resolution can enhance their peace of mind, profits and positive impact. For more information, please visit www.TheGoodlandlord.com

BUY THE BOOK! The Good Landlord: A Guide to Making a Profit While Making a Difference is available on Amazon.com.