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Conflict Coaching

Get Maximum Results when facing your most difficult conversations.

Your tenant is suddenly withholding rent and refusing to talk with you.

You need access to make repairs, and you need the rent. You also need to communicate — but feel so angry you’re afraid to open your mouth! Who can help you?

You’ve tried but haven’t been able to collect the rent for 3 months

You need a plan, backed by court action, for the tenant to pay the back rent while staying current, or be evicted. How can you discuss your rights and your interests in the same conversation without having a fight?

A family member suddenly wants to change your joint ownership arrangement.

They want to increase their share of the income because they feel they are working harder than you. You want to discuss it but feel so angry at how you’ve been treated that you expect communication will breakdown — unless you can approach them in a new way.

Your tenant suddenly invited two new people to live with him.

Although you hope to avoid eviction, you need to reduce your risks and make this tenancy stable again. You need a plan that may involve removing the additional people while advancing legally if needed. How can you do this?


What is conflict coaching? 

Conflict coaching will help you solve difficult issues with your tenants, contractors, co-owners and family members.

Peter will coach you one-to-one. Peter can also contact the other party (or multiple parties) in which case mediation will be used.

The conflict coach will help you get results now while you pursue your rights.

Peter will help you make a plan with your tenant that you can rely on while you advance legally. You can rehearse what to say to increase your confidence going forward.

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The conflict coach will help you to follow through to make sure all tasks are completed.

Peter will assist you to meet deadlines, take next steps and monitor progress in order to get results.

Coaching engagements are typically short term, using telephone, email, text, skype or in-person meetings, whatever works best. I make room in my schedule to respond quickly to your requests, so please don’t hesitate to call me.

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