A Guide to Making A Profit While Making a Difference. THE handbook to being an amazing landlord/property manager.

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DSC_7225About Peter Gilman Shapiro

For over 25 years, Peter Gilman Shapiro has been empowering landlords to make a profit while making a difference in their communities.

A graduate of MIT’s Master’s Program in City Planning, Peter went on to found and direct the Housing Services Program at Just-A-Start Corporation, a nonprofit in Cambridge, Massachusetts. From 1990 to 2015, Peter and his team provided mediation, legal services, and training, and led support groups for landlords across Massachusetts. His innovative techniques led to the successful resolution of thousands of disputes regarding eviction, housing, real estate, business, and family matters.

A landlord himself, Peter has been developing, testing, and applying the ideas set forth in this book with his own tenants since 1990.

Peter continues to provide mediation, training, and consulting, nationwide, on how to:

  • build productive landlord-tenant relationships
  • communicate and negotiate effectively
  • prevent tenant issues from escalating into costly disputes
  • address eviction in a sensible way

Peter lives in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts with his two teenage sons and his partner, Aline.

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as a non-profit program director and an independent consultant: